Massage therapy

In Susie's practice she endeavours to balance her knowledge of Eastern and Western techniques, creating a deep, yet flowing massage that will ease stress in mind and body. Depending on the individual’s initial consultation Susie will use a variety of techniques shown below on a massage bed using oil. 

Sports and remedial Massage

Deep Tissue Massage therapy

Swedish Holistic Massage 

Hot Stone Massage (minimum 75 minutes - £52)

Acupressure Massage

Indian Head Massage


The session can be focused on chronically tense and contracted areas of the body such as stiff necks, lower back tightness and sore shoulders, or be a more general treatment for stress relief and relaxation. Susie uses a holistic approach taking into consideration many aspects of your current state of wellbeing in mind and body. A massage can benefit all systems of the body including the unseen energy down to cellular level and beyond. Susie's main goal is to help the body become conscious, enabling self healing on a deep energetic level.  

When you arrive we will sit and discuss your medical health history and talk about what you hope to gain from the treatment, for the first consultation please allow an extra 15 minutes to your session time. Various types of treatment can be discussed in detail and we can then decide on the ideal treatment for you at that time. I will then leave the room for you to get undressed and position yourself on the massage bed under towels. I will make sure you are warm and comfortable at all times. 

30 minutes - £30

60 minutes - £45

90 minutes - £60

(Susie runs a low cost clinic one afternoon per week. 

Minimum donation £25. Please contact her for more info.)