Foot massage has been documented as a healing therapy for hundreds of years, dating back to ancient Egypt and China. In the middle of the twentieth century the term Reflexology was born. Reflexology is a holistic treatment involving massaging various pressure points on the feet, affecting the energy and health of the whole body. It is a wonderful way to rebalance your energy system, bringing consciousness  down through the body, helping you feel more grounded and aware of your connection to the earth. 

Reflexology can help many conditions including; stress, sleep problems, anxiety, chronic pain, women health issues, bereavement, pregnancy, constipation, IBS, lack of body connection, and other imbalances.

30 minutes - £30

60 minutes - £45

90 minutes - £60

(Susie runs a low cost clinic one afternoon per week. 

Minimum donation £25. Please contact her for more info.)

"I have received a number of treatments from Susie over the past few years including massage and reflexology. Having experienced a number of these therapies in Asia, including Taiwan, China and Japan as well as the UK, I find that the quality of treatment Susie gives is extremely good."

Robert White, Consultant